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  • Thermal power plants
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  • Engineering Industry
  • Turkey Contrator like BHEL ABB, NICCO, L&T etc
  • Cement Plants
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  • Steel/Merallurgical
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  • Atmoic Engery/Nuclear Power
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Installation Manual What's New
To manufacture quality bellows we use..............
Shearing machine
Lathe machine
Rectifier for welding jobs
Thyristor controlled TIG Welding set
Bellow forming machine
Plate bending
Hydraulic press
Testing Fixtures
Cycle Life Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Radiograph / Helium test

Good manufacturing practices have in-built Q-C
methods & we adhere to.......
see how our bellows are filtered for quality
Raw material identification by mechanical / chemical analysis by approved laboratory
Surface defects / weld integrity checks by liquid penetrant examination before and after cold work.
Radiography examination for welded components if required
Magnetic particle & ultrasonic test by approved third party agency.
Pressure testing for leakages of components and assembly.
Helium leak test by approved agency for bellows to cryogenic applications.
Dimensional verification of components / assembly.

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